“Commoning is Bologna – Towards CO-Bologna” is a public policy specifically designed to support local democracy projects and strengthen the relationships between City Hall and the local community at large. It is a public policy launched by the City of Bologna during the Civic Collaboration fest, held at the MAST Museum on May 16th 2015 that builds on the Regulation on public collaboration for the urban commons.

“Commoning is Bologna – Towards CO-Bologna” aims at making urban commoning a cross-cutting methodology to run the city, from a social, economic and institutional point of view. It will be a mid-term process aimed at creating a stable alliance between the public, the private and the community/commons inspired to the design principles of shared, collaborative, cooperative and polycentric local and urban governance.

Bologna is the testing ground for the rise of the CO-City, a COllaborative, CO-operative, COmmoning urban-metropolitan ecosystem in which the care and regeneration of the city, the needs and entrepreneurial ideas of people in the City are cultivated or nurtured building upon strategies that are centred on the collaboration between the public, the private and the community/commons and a political power distribution agreement among the five forces of the collaborative governance (public, private, civil society organizations, knowledge institutions, citizens/commoners/social innovators).

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It's available in English, Italian, Spanish and German